Why Use a Local Trash Company

Garbage Collection Services Hampton GA

Trash Away provides residential garbage services, and we pride ourselves on being a locally operated, family-owned trash removal company. We started our company eight years ago because we felt a need for a local trash removal service deeply rooted in our community and cared about our local environment. Instead of dealing with an impersonal conglomerate waste management company, we want our customers to have someone to talk directly with them. We want them to know they are cared for and that meeting their needs is our priority.

Was your trash not picked up on time, or was your trash can taken away, and you have no idea why? When you call a waste management conglomerate about an issue you are having, you’re likely talking to someone at a call center in another part of the country who then communicates your issue to the branch in your town. Or even worse, you’re left to deal with an anonymous person in an online chatroom. If you have a question about your bill or quality of service, you won’t find your answer easily, if at all, and you’re still stuck with a bill. When you call Trash Away, you get a real person who lives in and knows the area you call home. We listen to your concerns and immediately work to address them. You’ll get the feeling of someone coming alongside you to help resolve your issue.

While we guarantee fast, friendly, and effective customer service, we want problems and mistakes to be minimal. Our mission is to provide you with a proper garbage disposal that is consistent and reliable, allowing our customers to feel free of worry. You are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to provide you with the best possible service. We pick up your trash on time and keep you apprised of any billing issues that may arise.

No one knows Henry County better than we do. We’re based out of Hampton, GA, serving the nearby Stockbridge, McDonough, and Locust Grove areas. We live here too, and the responsible disposal of trash is a vital service that we love bringing to our community to keep it clean, safe, and healthy. For questions about residential waste pick up in your area, give us a call today so you can start experiencing the difference in partnering with a locally based trash and sanitation company.

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