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The Evolving History of Residential Trash Collection

Trash collection is a crucial aspect of modern society that we often take for granted. But have you ever wondered how residential trash collection came to be? This blog post will explore the history of residential trash collection and how it has evolved through the centuries. Before trash collection became a formalized service, people typically […]
August 1st, 2023 | by Tony Griswell
Garbage Disposal Hampton GA

Common Residential Trash Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Taking the trash out is a task we all have to deal with regularly. While it might seem pretty straightforward, there are a lot of mistakes homeowners make that cause the process to be difficult or can even lead to penalties. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most common residential trash mistakes and how to […]
July 3rd, 2023 | by Tony Griswell
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What Happens If You Miss Trash Pickup?

We all know that trash pickup is important. It’s a must for saving space and maintaining cleanliness, especially for large households. But sometimes life gets in the way, our schedules get mixed up, or the task can simply be forgotten. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, letting trash accumulate can […]
June 1st, 2023 | by Tony Griswell
Garbage Disposal Services Near Hampton GA

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Garbage Disposal as Quick and Painless

Here at Trash Away Sanitation, we value our customers over everything else – you are the ones who make our services possible. In order to keep things running smoothly, here are some simple tips and tricks to make your trash removal as quick and painless as possible. Together, we can make trash removal less work […]
May 1st, 2023 | by Tony Griswell
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What Happens To Trash After It’s Collected?

The garbage bin is a nasty place. Once we haul it to the curb, most of us don’t give our trash another thought. However, knowing where garbage ends up may help us be a little more responsible come trash day. Professional trash service companies are supposed to dispose of our refuse in an environmentally sound […]
April 3rd, 2023 | by Tony Griswell
Trash Away Sanitation – Team

How To Get Trash Service

Are you new to the area and in need of a trash disposal company, or are you a current resident who needs a change? At Trash Away Sanitation, we provide a variety of garbage disposal services for residential areas to make your life easier and keep the Earth green–all at competitive prices. Trash Away is […]
March 1st, 2023 | by Tony Griswell

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