Frequently Asked Questions

When will my trash be picked up?

Curbside collection services typically occur between 5AM and 5PM on your specified pick up day. Please have your can out the night before.

How much trash can I put in my can?

Your can is designed to hold a max of 50 lbs. Please do not let your cans exceed this amount. It could result in the can not being completely emptied. Our employees will not reach down into the can to get stuck or loose trash.
If you need to request an additional garbage pickup that will not fit in your can, please call our office.

What types of trash can I put in my can?

We only pick up regular household trash. Yard debris, paint cans, tires, appliances, oil and other chemicals will have to be taken personally to a transfer station to have these types of items recycled.

Do I need to have all my trash bagged?

Yes. Our trucks do not have mechanical arms that dump the cans. We have actual toters that ride with the drivers and get off to dump your can into the back of the trash truck. Having your trash bagged makes it sanitary for our helpers and ensures all trash will be dumped and nothing sticking to the can. Our employees will not reach down into the can to get stuck or loose trash. We appreciate it!

If my service has been terminated and my can has been picked up due to non-payment, what do I need to do to reinstate my service?

Please call our office with the payment to reinstate services. If you make payment online or send a check, again please call our office to ensure prompt reinstatement. Please know that additional fees may apply. We are happy to get you started back!

Do I have to use a Trash Away can?

No you do not, but we do supply them for our customers to use while with Trash Away. If you decide to use your own can, we cannot replace or fix personal cans, so you might as well use ours!
Also, please take care of the can we provide and do not deface it as charges will be applied for damaged or defaced cans.

Where should I put my can for the trucks to dump it?

The can should not be more than 3 feet from the street. This ensures pick up and keeps our drivers and toters safe on busy streets to keep them moving. Thanks!